EEA Family Permit: Surinder Singh Route

If the EEA family permit applicant has resided in an EEA country with their family member who is a British Citizen, the person can apply for the EEA Family Permit under the “Surinder Singh Route”. This route is famous among family members who do not qualify for the UK Family Migration.

Here is an overview of what the Surinder Singh Route entails.

The Surinder Singh Route allows family members of a British citizen who has exercised Treaty Rights in another EU State can enter and stay in the UK as per the EU law. The family member can be a spouse or civil partner, child, grandchild, parent or parent-in-law.

– Qualification for the Surinder Singh Route:

  • In order to qualify for this route, the applicant will have to prove that they were residing in another EU state for at least three months and it was their main residence.  They will also have to prove that they lived there together with their family member
  • Their British family member must have exercised his/her Treaty Rights in the EU state, i.e. they will have to work, be in self-employment, self-sufficient or a student.

This route is helpful for the family member as they are applying for an EEA Family Permit instead of going through the UK Family Migration Route. Thus, they do not have to go through a complex visa process.

As the family member is applying for an EEA Permit, they do not have any work restrictions. The permit is valid for 6 months. It is advisable that the applicant applies for the EU residence card within this time period.

In case of any query or difficulty related to the EEA Family Permit or the EEA Residence Card, it is advisable for the applicant to contact UK Visa consultants who are experts in EEA Family Permit applications.


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