Documents required for EEA Family Permit

The EEA Family Permit is an option available with the non-EEA citizens of EEA nationals to travel to the UK. This option can be availed from outside the UK only and is valid for 6 months. The EEA family permit is an easier and faster route for the non-EEA family members.

The route is free of costs and abides by the EEA regulations, 2006. Family members or extended family members of an EEA citizen or Swiss national can apply for the EEA Family permit to visit the UK. If you are applying for the EEA family permit, you need to ensure that you are carrying the following documents during the application process.

You must provide:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A proof of your relationship to the EEA family member (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) The proof must show that you have lived with the EEA citizen for 2 years or more in case they are your unmarried partner.
  3. A national identity card (or certified copy) of your family member or their valid passport.
  4. Prove that you are dependent on your EEA family member.
  5. If the above documents are not in English, they are required to be provided along with a certified translated copy.

Apart from showing the valid the documents, the non-EEA citizen must ensure that the EEA citizen they are joining must:

  1. Either be in the UK
  2. Or should be travelling with you to the UK within 6 months of the date of your application.

If the family member of the EU national has been in the UK for more than three months, they must prove that they are self-sufficient as per the Treaty Rights or has a permanent right to reside in the UK. The family has to ensure that they are not dependent on any public funds will in the UK.

If you are a Portugal descendent Goan and have valid documents to prove the same, this is the right time for you to get your Portugal passport and apply for the EEA family permit to the UK.

Applying for the EEA family permit is fairly easy. It is free of cost and does not require many documents. However, deciding which documents are needed to apply for the permit can be difficult. It is therefore advisable to take help from UK Visa consultants that specialise in EEA Family Permit and maximise your chance of successful application.

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