EEA Residence Card Overview

EEA family members who are in the UK on the EEA Family Permit can apply for a Residence Permit while in the UK.  Although not mandatory, the EEA Residence Card confirms that the non-EEA family member is legally in the UK. The residence card also makes it easier for the non-EEA member to work and live in the UK.

Only those EEA family members and extended family members, who hold the EEA Family Permit can apply for the Residence Card to stay in the UK. As per the Home Office, the right and status of the current Resident Permit holder will not change till 30th June 2021 or till 31st December 2020, if the UK leaves EU with no-deal.

Who can apply for the EEA Residence Permit:

  • Family members of an EEA/Swiss national living in the UK
  • Extended family members of the EEA/Swiss national living in the UK

The EEA national must be exercising their Treaty Rights, i.e. they must be either working, studying, self-employment, self-sufficiency or job seeking to enable their non-EEA family to qualify for a Residence Card.

The EEA Residence Card is valid for 5 years.

How to apply for the EEA Residence Card:

The family members of the EEA citizen will have to file an application form according to their relationship with the EEA national, i.e. direct members or extended members. The applicant will need to pay a £65 application fee as well as £19.20 to have their biometrics scanned.

Once, the Home Office receives the application, it will send a Certificate of Application to confirm that the application has been received and is under scrutiny. The certificate will also mention of the applicant is allowed to work while their application is being processed. The application will be processed by the Home Office for a maximum period of 6 months.

Although the process for the EEA Resident Card seems simple, knowing which form to fill and what kind of proof needs to be shown is not that easy. Therefore it is better to take help from UK Visa experts who specialise in EEA Resident Card application.


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